About Us

JK Products is the world's largest slot car company. Our mission is to offer racers the highest quality, best performing, always available products, at the most affordable prices possible. We now manufacture and distribute over 1,500 products for the broadest line of any manufacturer. The many world, national, regional, and local champions relying upon JK products to win and podium are too numerous to mention but proves the success of our many products.

Company Overview

We are a Chicago based company dedicated solely to slot car racers, their raceways, and the slot car industry as a whole. The company was founded by Jerry Kulich over 35 years ago and has continued to grow ever since. The business was sold in 2015 to Tim Homola, the current owner. Since then Tim has made major investments in the processes, equipment, capabilities, and quality throughout all of JK Products. This focus and more will continue into the future.

We are especially dedicated to supporting US raceways and we strongly encourage all racers to buy from their local raceways whenever possible. We are so committed to this that in the event you cannot find the product you are looking for at your local US raceway (we know raceways can't stock all of our products) we will sell to you directly but we will still give your local raceway 15% of your purchases to help support them. In fact, US racers cannot purchase from JK Products without first selecting a registered US raceway so that they may earn this commission. 

Tim Homola and Jerry Kulich

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